Drone Weddings

Drone Weddings By Gary Cowan: Photographer / Videographer

Should you have a drone at your wedding?

Can drone photography and videography capture images that standard cameras can’t do?

Well, the answer to that question is YES!

I have been capturing images using a drone at weddings for about a year and I have managed to achieve photos that would be impossible to get using a typical camera. Most of my style is very natural and I usually try and hide in the background to get beautiful natural shots that will tell a great story of the day using my DSLR camera but if you are getting married, why should your photos look like every other wedding photo?

When I started wedding photography, I studied all the different styles that wedding photographers displayed on their website and what I saw was that most of the photos that were shown were posed and unemotional. I don’t mind posed pictures but when 50% of the images you see in an album are posed, I think that the story of the day was not told.

I have to admit, my style over the years has slightly changed but the central element of the photographs that I have taken has been either very natural or very fun. I use my DSLR camera to get my natural photos and use my drone to get my fun photos.

Even if you have a drone at a wedding, using a drone is just one aspect of the photos that you can get from your wedding day.

If you decide to have a drone at your wedding, then make sure that the person you hire has a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA because this is very important for safety and legal reasons.

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